Got a thing for model trains?  So do we! We stock new and pre-owned locomotives, rolling stock, track and buildings from every major manufacturer in every scale: N-scale, HO-scale, O-scale and LGB.  Here is a sample of the model train manufacturers we stock (and don’t forget we can special order too!):

  • Athearn (Genesis, Ready-to-roll, Roundhouse)
  • Atlas (Classic, Master, Gold, Silver, Trainman)
  • Bachmann/Williams
  • Bluford Shops
  • Bowser
  • Broadway Limited
  • Fox Valley Models
  • InterMountain Railway
  • Kadee
  • Kato
  • Keystone
  • Lionel
  • MTH (RailKing, Rugged Line)
  • Rapido
  • Tichy
  • Walthers (Cornerstone, Gold, Mainline, Platinum, Proto, Ready-to-run, Scenemaster, Trainline)




Need track? We stock Atlas, Bachmann, Kato, Peco and Lionel track in N, HO, S, O and LGB gauge. Switches, crossings, roadbed, connectors, and track-side accessories? We have them all. 

When it comes time to power your layout, come talk to us about DC, DCC, and AC. Digital control can be a little daunting at first, but we will help you understand how it works, what you need, and how to hook it up. We haven’t forgotten about you straight AC or DC folks either — come check out our wide variety of power packs, switch machines, and lighting accessories.

Scenery!  We can help you through any scenery challenge, from towering mountains to massive waterfalls and anything in between. Come browse our wide range of scenery supplies from all the major manufacturers, including:

  • Noch
  • Busch
  • Grand Central Gems
  • Woodland Scenics (Design Preservation Models, Just Plug, Landmark Structures,
    Classic Metal Works)